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meillo@186 1 .TH masqmail.aliases 5 2011-07-27 masqmail-0.2.30 "File Formats"
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meillo@0 3 .SH NAME
meillo@0 4 masqmail.aliases \- masqmail alias file format
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meillo@0 7 .SH DESCRIPTION
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meillo@34 9 This man page describes the format of the masqmail alias file.
meillo@34 10 Its usual location is \fI/etc/aliases\fR.
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meillo@0 13 .SH FILE FORMAT
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meillo@0 15 The alias file consists of lines of the form:
meillo@0 16 local_part: item1, item2, ...
meillo@34 17 Items can be surrounded by double quotes `"'.
meillo@34 18 If within the quotes other quotes are needed for an address they can be
meillo@34 19 escaped with a leading backslash `\\'.
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meillo@34 21 A leading backslash `\\' indicates that this address shall not be further expanded.
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meillo@34 23 A leading pipe symbol `|' indicates that the item shall be treated as a pipe command.
meillo@34 24 The content of the message will then be sent to the standard input of a command.
meillo@34 25 The command will run under the user id and group id masqmail is running as.
meillo@34 26 If quotes are needed, the pipe symbol must appear within the quotes.
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meillo@0 28 Loops will be detected, the offending address will be ignored.
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meillo@34 30 Aliases will be expanded at delivery time.
meillo@34 31 This means that if there is a message still in the queue and you change
meillo@34 32 any alias which matches one of the recipient addresses,
meillo@34 33 the change will have effect next time a delivery is attemped.
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meillo@0 35 There is no need to restart masqmail or run any command when the alias file has been changed.
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meillo@0 38 .SH AUTHOR
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meillo@34 40 Masqmail was written by Oliver Kurth.
meillo@34 41 It is now maintained by Markus Schnalke <>.
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meillo@95 43 You will find the newest version of masqmail at \fB\fR.
meillo@26 44 There is also a mailing list, you will find information about it at masqmail's main site.
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meillo@0 47 .SH BUGS
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meillo@34 49 Please report bugs to the mailing list.
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meillo@0 52 .SH SEE ALSO
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meillo@34 54 \fBmasqmail.conf(5)\fR, \fBmasqmail(8)\fR,