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Become SUSv3 compatible and thus remove own regexp code The Heirloom tools can be compiled to comply to several standards. This version does not need this flexibility. We can omit the regexp code and use the system's, by using the SU3 variant of ed. This is the latest of the supported standards.
author markus schnalke <meillo@marmaro.de>
date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 17:26:51 +0200
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meillo@0 1 Ed -- The Standard Text Editor
meillo@0 2 ==============================
meillo@0 3
meillo@0 4 This version of ed had been cut out of Gunnar Ritter's Heirloom Toolchest.
meillo@0 5 The reason for doing so is to have Heirloom ed quickly at hand when I am
meillo@0 6 annoyed again by GNU ed. Having to configure and install the complete
meillo@0 7 Heirloom Toolchest is more than I usually want. This ed is slightly
meillo@0 8 stripped down as only the traditional variant gets created. Any references
meillo@0 9 to the other variants and features only in them are removed from the man
meillo@0 10 page. Parts of libcommon had been ripped out and included directly. Thus
meillo@0 11 the makefile had been reworked.
meillo@0 12
meillo@0 13 To install do:
meillo@0 14
meillo@0 15 vi makefile
meillo@0 16 make
meillo@0 17 make install
meillo@0 18
meillo@0 19
meillo@0 20 2011-09-05
meillo@0 21 markus schnalke <meillo@marmaro.de>
meillo@0 22 http://hg.marmaro.de/heirloom-ed