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Initial version of the standalone heirloom-ed
author markus schnalke <meillo@marmaro.de>
date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 16:31:35 +0200
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meillo@0 1 Ed -- The Standard Text Editor
meillo@0 2 ==============================
meillo@0 3
meillo@0 4 This version of ed had been cut out of Gunnar Ritter's Heirloom Toolchest.
meillo@0 5 The reason for doing so is to have Heirloom ed quickly at hand when I am
meillo@0 6 annoyed again by GNU ed. Having to configure and install the complete
meillo@0 7 Heirloom Toolchest is more than I usually want. This ed is slightly
meillo@0 8 stripped down as only the traditional variant gets created. Any references
meillo@0 9 to the other variants and features only in them are removed from the man
meillo@0 10 page. Parts of libcommon had been ripped out and included directly. Thus
meillo@0 11 the makefile had been reworked.
meillo@0 12
meillo@0 13 To install do:
meillo@0 14
meillo@0 15 vi makefile
meillo@0 16 make
meillo@0 17 make install
meillo@0 18
meillo@0 19
meillo@0 20 2011-09-05
meillo@0 21 markus schnalke <meillo@marmaro.de>
meillo@0 22 http://hg.marmaro.de/heirloom-ed