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     1.5  .H 1 "Final thoughts
     1.7 -.H 2 "Quick summary
     1.8  .LP
     1.9 -good design
    1.10 +This paper explained why good design is important.
    1.11 +It introduced the Unix Philosophy as guidelines to good design,
    1.12 +in order to create good quality software.
    1.13 +Then, real life software, that was designed with the Unix Philosophy
    1.14 +in mind, was discussed.
    1.15 +.PP
    1.16 +Throughout the paper, the aim was do explain \fIwhy\fP something
    1.17 +should be done the Unix way.
    1.18 +It was tried to give reasons that expose that the Unix Philosophy
    1.19 +is a preferrable way for designing software.
    1.20 +.PP
    1.21 +The Unix Philosophy is close to the software developer's point of view.
    1.22 +Its main goal is taming the beast ``software complexity''.
    1.23 +Hence it strives first and foremost for simplicity, of software.
    1.24 +It might appear, that usability for people is a minor goal.
    1.25 +Actually, the Unix Philosophy sees usability as a result of sound design.
    1.26 +Sound design does not need to be most intuitive,
    1.27 +but it will provide a consistent way to access the enormous power
    1.28 +of software leverage.
    1.29 +.PP
    1.30 +Being able to solve some concrete problem becomes less and less important,
    1.31 +as there is software available for nearly every possible task today.
    1.32 +But the quality of software matters.
    1.33 +It is important that we have \fIgood\fP software.
    1.34 +.sp
    1.35  .LP
    1.36 -unix phil
    1.37 -.LP
    1.38 -case studies
    1.39 -
    1.40 -.H 2 "Why people should choose
    1.41 -.LP
    1.42 -Make the right choice!
    1.43 +.B "But why the Unix Philosophy?
    1.44 +.PP
    1.45 +The largest problem of software development is the complexity involved.
    1.46 +It is the only part of the job that computers cannot take over.
    1.47 +The Unix Philosophy fights complexity as main enemy.
    1.48 +.PP
    1.49 +On the other hand,
    1.50 +the most unique gain of software is its ability to leverage.
    1.51 +Current software still fails to make the best possible use of this ability.
    1.52 +The Unix Philosophy concentrates much on exploiting this great opportunity.
    1.55  .bp