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     1.4  .NH 2
     1.5  Summary \s-1MH\s0
     1.6  .LP
     1.7 -flexibility, no redundancy, use the shell
     1.8 +\s-1MH\s0 is an \s-1MUA\s0 that follows the Unix Philosophy in its design
     1.9 +and implementation.
    1.10 +It consists of a toolchest of small tools, each of them does one job well.
    1.11 +The tools are orthogonal to each other, to a large extend.
    1.12 +However, for historical reasons, there also exist distinct tools
    1.13 +that cover the same task.
    1.14 +.PP
    1.15 +The toolchest approach offers great flexibility to the user.
    1.16 +He can use the complete power of the Unix shell with \s-1MH\s0.
    1.17 +This makes \s-1MH\s0 a very powerful mail system.
    1.18 +Extending and customizing \s-1MH\s0 is easy and encouraged, too.
    1.19 +.PP
    1.20 +Apart from the user's perspective, \s-1MH\s0 is development-friendly.
    1.21 +Its overall design follows clear rules.
    1.22 +The single tools do only one job, thus they are easy to understand,
    1.23 +easy to write, and good to maintain.
    1.24 +They are all independent and do not interfere with the others.
    1.25 +Automated testing of their function is a straight forward task.
    1.26 +.PP
    1.27 +It is sad, that \s-1MH\s0's differentness is its largest problem,
    1.28 +as its differentness is also its largest advantage.
    1.29 +Unfortunately, for most people their habits are stronger
    1.30 +than the attraction of the clear design and the power, \s-1MH\s0 offers.