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     1.4  They took over the development and pushed MH forward.
     1.5  RAND had put the code into the public domain by then.
     1.6  MH was developed at UCI at the time when the Internet appeared,
     1.7 -when UCB implemented the TCP/IP stack, and when Allman wrote Sendmail.
     1.8 +when the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) implemented
     1.9 +the TCP/IP stack, and when Eric Allman wrote Sendmail.
    1.10  MH was extended as emailing became more featured.
    1.11  The development of MH was closely related to the development of email
    1.12 -RFCs. In the advent of MIME, MH was the first implementation of this new
    1.13 -email standard.
    1.14 +RFCs.
    1.15 +In the advent of the \fIMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions\fP (MIME),
    1.16 +MH was one of the first implementations of the new email standard.
    1.17  .P
    1.18  In the nineties, the Internet became popular and in December 1996,
    1.19  Richard Coleman initiated the \fINew Mail Handler\fP (nmh) project.