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     1.6  \section*{Acknowledgments}
     1.7 -%FIXME: write this at the very end.
     1.8 -% dont forget: proove readers, suggestion makers, supporters, ...
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    1.11 +First, I want to thank \person{Oliver Kurth} for writing \masqmail; I build upon his work. My second thanks goes to professor \person{Markus Sch\"affter}, my advisor. He was the one who made this thesis possible by putting faith in me and this topic. I very much enjoyed the time with him.
    1.13 +I thank \person{Christian Langbein} and professor \person{Volkmar Kese} for teaching me important lessons about structure. You are so right, it is all about: structure, structure, structure.
    1.15 +My \person{Dad} and my friend \person{Julian Forster} took time for me so I could explain various parts of the thesis to them; this was important, thanks. \person{James Stenard} was of great help in questions about the English language, thanks. \person{Roger Schietzel} double-checked all web addresses and \NAME{ISBN}s for validity, thanks for covering this bulky task.
    1.17 -\vspace{9ex}
    1.18 -{ \it
    1.19 -\hspace*{23em}markus schnalke\\
    1.20 -\hspace*{23em}February 2009
    1.21 -}
    1.22 +\person{Henry Atting},
    1.23 +\person{Joachim Breitner},
    1.24 +\person{Marc Geis},
    1.25 +\person{Jochen Roth},
    1.26 +and \person{Hans-J\"org Schaaf}
    1.27 +(in alphabetical order) had a look at my thesis and returned comments and suggestions---each one was valuable. Thank you all.
    1.28 +
    1.29 +Not to forget is everyone who discussed with me on mailing lists and in private communication, and my family for backing me.
    1.30 +
    1.31 +There is also an institution that needs to be praised: The \name{W\"urttembergische Landesbibliothek} in Stuttgart; it was the most productive place to work and the most impressive one too.
    1.32 +
    1.33 +\quad
    1.34 +
    1.35 +But the most support I did receive from \person{Lydi}. I am deeply grateful for your patience and sacrifice during the last months; for your motivation and encouragement; and for the ease I found in your arms. \quad Thank you!
    1.36 +
    1.37 +
    1.38 +\vspace{6ex}
    1.39 +\hspace*{27em}\textit{markus schnalke}
    1.40 +