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     1.7 -\masqmail\ is a \mta\ for workstations and small networks. It is a drop-in replacement for \sendmail, but much smaller.
     1.8 +\masqmail\ is a mail transfer agent for workstations and small networks, a much smaller replacement for \sendmail. It has be orphaned by its author more than five years ago and remained unchanged since then, in a world where emailing did change. Nevertheless has \masqmail\ unique advantages that makes it still a valuable software.
    1.10 -This diploma thesis analyzes the structure and concepts of \masqmail, and its security and safety.
    1.11 -Based on this knowledge, the source code will get improved and everything will be written down for documentation.
    1.12 +This diploma thesis is a scientific planning effort to revive \masqmail. It provides a highly structured analysis of \masqmail\ and its environment. Modern requirements for \masqmail\ are compared against the current state of the program to receive a list of pending work tasks. Further development strategies are carefully compared and discussed. Finally concrete plans and recommendations are defined with the goal of turning \masqmail\ into a modern mail transfer agent again.
    1.14 -After successful tests in a real environment, a new version of \masqmail\ will be released and it will be packaged for the \gnulinux\ Distribution \debian.
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