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added some words about exim to docs/uucp-setup exim's rmail handling is similar to the one masqmail had now masqmail's rmail approach is similar to postfix's but it still can be called as `rmail' and behaves like exim in that case then
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     1.4  mode then. AFAIK this is not enough to support UUCP, at least not at
     1.5  the level that is presumed by UUCP software. It seems as if at least
     1.6  the first input line should be handled special as it includes the
     1.7 -envelope recipient. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
     1.8 +envelope recipient. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I discovered that exim
     1.9 +has rmail support like this. That's probably the reason why it was
    1.10 +the same in masqmail.
    1.12  A better, through still basic approach, was introduced with 0.2.24:
    1.13  misc/rmail is a small shell script (taken from postfix), which calls