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Fixed an important bug with folded headers! g_strconcat() returns a *copy* of the string, but hdr->value still pointed to the old header (which probably was a memory leak, too). If the folded part had been quite small it was likely that the new string was at the same position as the old one, thus making everything go well. But if pretty long headers were folded several times it was likely that the new string was allocated somewhere else in memory, thus breaking things. In result mails to lots of recipients (folded header) were frequently only sent to the ones in the first line. Sorry for the inconvenience.
date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 09:52:17 +0200
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line source
1 From: MAILER-DAEMON@${host_name}
2 To: ${return_path}
3 Subject: invio messaggio FALLITO / Mail Delivery Failure Notice
5 MIME-Version: 1.0
6 Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
7 boundary="${uid}/${host_name}"
9 Messaggio in formato MIME multi-parti.
10 This is a MIME-encapsulated message.
12 --${uid}/${host_name}--
13 Content-Description: Notifica-Notify
14 Content-Type: text/plain
16 Questo messaggio ti e' stato spedito dal demone:
17 (This message was sent to you by the mailer daemon:)
18 (${package} ${version}) @ ${host_name}:
20 Spiacente ma non e' stato possibile spedire il tuo msg a tutti
21 i destinatari. L'invio ai seguenti destinatari e' fallito in modo
22 permanente e non verra' ritentato:
23 (Sorry, but your mail could not be delivered to all recipients.
24 Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently and has
25 been given up:)
27 @failed_rcpts
29 Il seguente msg d'errore potrebbe aiutarti a capire la causa
30 dell'errore:
31 (This error message may give you a hint about what caused the
32 failure:)
34 ${err_msg}
36 In caso ti serva aiuto scrivi a <postmatster@${host_name}>.
37 Il tuo msg segue in allegato.
38 (If you need help, write to <postmaster@${host_name}>.
39 Your message follows attached, including all headers:)
41 --${uid}/${host_name}
42 Content-Description: Messaggio non spedito - Unsent message
43 Content-Type: message/rfc822
45 @msg_headers
47 [corpo del messaggio - rimosso]
48 ([message body - stripped off])
50 --${uid}/${host_name}--