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Fixed an important bug with folded headers! g_strconcat() returns a *copy* of the string, but hdr->value still pointed to the old header (which probably was a memory leak, too). If the folded part had been quite small it was likely that the new string was at the same position as the old one, thus making everything go well. But if pretty long headers were folded several times it was likely that the new string was allocated somewhere else in memory, thus breaking things. In result mails to lots of recipients (folded header) were frequently only sent to the ones in the first line. Sorry for the inconvenience.
date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 09:52:17 +0200
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1 This NEWS file lists changes which may be important for you, especially
2 in regard to compatiblity in upgrades.
4 See ChangeLog file for more details and technical changes that don't
5 affect users directly.
7 The manual pages describe newly added options. Take them for reference.
10 0.2.28
12 - Added STARTTLS support with external wrappers like OpenSSL. See
13 `wrapper' and `instant_helo' in masqmail.route(5) for examples how to
14 use it. `instant_helo' is a new route config option.
17 0.2.27
19 - Replaced contributed code with possible licensing problems with
20 alternatives. The MD5 implementation changed from the reference
21 implementation of RFC 1321 to the Public Domain implementation of
22 Solar Designer. The HMAC-MD5 implementation changed from the reference
23 implementation of RFC 2104 to an own implementation (ISC License).
25 - Added the authors of contributed parts to the AUTHORS file.
28 0.2.26
30 - Write a log message when the daemon starts up. Thanks to Juergen
31 Daubert.
33 - Fix handling of --with-liblockfile=no or --without-liblockfile for
34 configure script. Thanks to Nico Roeser.
36 - Improved the INSTALL file and some man pages. Thanks to Nico Roeser
37 Improved the documentation of the wrapper option of route files.
40 0.2.25
42 - Added server-side SMTP SIZE support. Thanks to Paolo.
44 - Masqmail will from now on:
45 o always remove Bcc: headers
46 o never create headers from envelope recipients
47 o add ``To: undisclosed-recipients:;'' if no recipient header (To:
48 or Cc:) is present in the mail
50 - Colons (`:') don't need to be quoted in the config file anymore.
51 Thanks to Paolo.
53 - Added checks for too long addresses in SMTP dialog. Thanks to Paolo.
55 - Moved rmail to sbin and added a man page for it.
57 - Added Thanks to Paolo.
59 - The tests do not get installed any longer. All on install created
60 dirs are removed on uninstall, except they contain generated data like
61 logs, spooled files, or configuration.
63 - Documented some, yet undocumented, config options. Several typo
64 fixes in man pages and code comments.
67 0.2.24
69 - This version keeps on logging after an restart of the deamon, for
70 instance when sending SIGHUP to the daemon process for rereading its
71 config.
73 - Now the daemon keeps the same process id when it receives SIGHUP to
74 reread the config.
76 - Mail messages with lines longer than 4096 characters do not get
77 truncated anymore.
79 - Fixed checking of the trusted group. Primary groups are now
80 detected too.
82 - Mservdetect's man page is now in section 1.
84 - An `rmail' command is now included and gets installed with
85 masqmail. See docs/uucp-setup for more information.
87 - Docs and thelike, that masqmail installs, is removed on uninstall
88 now.
91 0.2.23
93 - This release fixes a major bug in 0.2.22 which made online detection
94 by file unusable. Thanks to Juergen Daubert for reporting and providing
95 a patch.
97 - Masqmail installs to /usr/local by default now. Previously it
98 installed to /usr. To regain the old behavior, add
99 --prefix=/usr
100 to the configure call.
102 - Man pages get installed again; in 0.2.22 they were not. Again thanks
103 to Juergen Daubert. Docs and examples do get installed now too.
105 - Updated the docs. Moved the man pages from docs/ to man/. Added the
106 old manual from the old website to the distribution. Added a bug
107 reporting howto.
110 0.2.22
112 - Hello, I'm meillo, the new maintainer and developer of masqmail. Oku
113 handed masqmail over to me, because he wasn't active anymore.
115 - This release includes various fixes for problems in 0.2.21, mainly
116 based on bugs from Debian.
118 - Distribution specific data has been excluded from the distribution,
119 but is separately available on the project's website.
121 - Man pages will not be generated from xml sources in future, but the
122 nroff sources will be maintained directly.
124 - The default online status file is now
125 /var/run/masqmail/masqmail-route, as it already was in the Debian
126 package.
129 0.2.21
131 - Retrospective: Probably, this version was not published in the usual
132 way by oku. I (meillo) grabbed it from Debian's package archive. It does
133 not introduce new functions but fixes security problems, such as writing
134 log files as user `mail'. It also changes the location for pid files;
135 they are stored in /var/run/masqmail/ now.
138 0.2.18
140 - delivery warnings and failures are now also implemented if the
141 connection to a server fails. Because masqmail is designed for dialup
142 networks, a connection failure will merely generate a warning by default.
143 If you deliver in a local network and use the default local_net route,
144 this would generte a failure. You can change this behaviour by setting
145 'connect_error_fail' to either true or false in the route configurations.
147 0.2.17
149 - delivery warnings have been finally implemented: if delivery of a mail
150 fails temporarily, warning mail will be generated, informing the sender
151 of the problem. After some time, the mail will be handled as failing
152 permanently, and be bounced. New options: 'warn_intervals',
153 'max_defer_time' and 'warnmsg_file'.
155 - the message templates for failures and warnings will now be installed
156 into /usr/share/masqmail/tpl/, and no longer to /etc/masqmail/tpl/. The
157 default for the search path (options 'errmsg_file' and 'warnmsg_file'
158 has been changed accordingly.
160 - new option 'last_route'. See man 5 masqmail.route.
162 0.2.12
163 two new options have been added:
164 - do_pipelining will be used only in broken mail setups. Actually, I
165 implemented it only to test such a setup.
167 - helo_name for routes sets the helo_name. This may be useful for
168 eg. ssh tunneling, or if do_correcthelo does not work, because you are
169 behind a firewall.
171 - the old 'remote_port' option should not be used any more. Set the
172 port with mail_host="" in the route file instead.
174 0.2.11
176 - two new options have been added: do_save_envelope_to for the main
177 configuration and map_h_mail_followup_to_addresses for the route
178 files. See the man pages on purpose and usage.
180 - the route files can now be mode 0400, owned by root. Previous
181 versions had problems when sendmail was called directly by a
182 non-priviledged user, because the route files could not be read.
184 0.2.10
186 - this version should work on FreeBSD. At least I care now if it does not.
188 - masqmail now writes pid files to /var/run/, one for the smtp/queue
189 daemon and one for the get daemon. So you now know whom to kill ;-)
191 - much effort has been put into the Debian package, which now uses debconf.
193 0.2.7
195 - sorry for my reluctany in the last months...
196 - my email address is I hope that I keep this for the rest
197 of my life...
199 0.2.6
201 - you can configure the prefered local delivery mechanism for each user. See
202 man page masqmail.conf (5), options mbox_default, mbox_users, mda_users and
203 maildir_users. BIT FAT NOTE: if you used an mda, set mbox_default = "mda"
204 (or use the mda_users option). Just setting mda is not enough any more.
206 - there are the allowed_return_paths and not_allowed_return_paths for the
207 route configurations, this enables better checking for return path addresses
208 than allowed_mail_locals. You can also use this to enable or disable messages
209 from null sender addresses (<>) using "<>".
210 note: this option has been there for quite a time... I just forgot to document it.
212 0.2.5
214 - simple relay checking: if you set do_relay=false in masqmail.conf, users
215 with a return path that is not local will get a 550 reply if they try to
216 deliver to a not local address. This is for users to force them to have a
217 proper configuration. It is _not_ to prevent spammers from using your MTA
218 as a relay, it can be easily forged! masqmail is not designed to be an always
219 accessible MTA for an internet site.
221 - added Maildir support. To use it, add --enable-maildir as ./configure
222 optiom. Currently, if enabled, all local deliveries are to Maildir
223 (in ~user/Maildir), and none to mailbox. This is preliminary, future versions
224 will be configurable (probably together with mda delivery).
226 0.2.4
228 - added -v option, this logs to stdout, so you see what happens when
229 calling masqmail from command line. This is not yet finished, and only
230 for fetching mails completed.
232 0.2.3
234 - new option lock_dir where locks will be put to. Defaults to the spool
235 dir with '/lock/' appended (if spool_dir is /var/spool/masqmail/, lock_dir
236 is /var/spool/masqmail/lock/).
238 - You can use the 'do_uidl_dele' option more reliably. The uidl list
239 will be written immediately after a message was fetched, so if you use the
240 do_uidl and do_uidl_dele option you can safely interrupt masqmail when it is
241 getting mail via pop3, and do not get the message again next time.
243 - there are a lot of new options for ./configure to customize masqmail
244 to your needs. See INSTALL.
246 - Uli Funcke sent a patch with the new options 'local_addresses' and
247 'not_local_addresses' for masqmail.conf. With these, you can declare single
248 email addresses as local, though they normally are not, and vice versa,
249 declare addresses as not local though normally they are (determined with
250 local_hosts). These options are not yet documented.
252 0.2.2
253 - with -go5m you can now run a get daemon, the command 'masqmail -go5m' will fetch
254 mail every five minutes, using the detected online configuration.
256 0.2.1
258 - there is a new option for the main conf: online_gets. Using this option,
259 you can retrieve mail with just calling masqmail -go, masqmail will detect
260 whether it is online (similar to connect_routes (which is now called
261 online_routes)).
263 0.2.0
265 This is the first release of he development branch of masqmail
267 - the default configuration is now /etc/masqmail/masqmail.conf
268 (as it already was for the debian package). The --with-conffile
269 option for configure has been replaced by the --with-confdir option.
271 - added delivery failure notices:
272 o you can customize your own delivery failure report, its
273 default location is /etc/masqmail/tpl/failmsg.tpl
274 o if a delivery via a route fails permanently (the server replied with a 5xx status)
275 the message will be bounced, if it is bounced, no further delivery will be attempted.
276 This is different to previous versions, where failed messages were kept in the queue until
277 it was finally delivered, deleted or forever.
279 - there is a new online detection method: pipe. This allows you more
280 flexibility to detect the current online status, eg. the DHCP status on notebooks.
282 This method will once replace the 'mserver' option,
283 you can already use the program mservdetect to use it:
285 online_method=pipe
286 online_pipe="/usr/bin/mservdetect localhost 222"
288 instead of
290 online_detect=mserver
291 mserver_iface="localhost:222"
293 0.1.9
295 - you can use pipes in routes to implement gateways to uucp, fax, sms etc.
296 The setup is similar to mda transport. See man pages.
298 - for each connection (connect_routes), you can now give a list of
299 route files, which will be used in the order given. You can use the
300 filter rules (allowed_* and not_allowed_* rules) within each route.
302 0.1.8
304 - for pop retrieval and smtp sending you can use a wrapper for eg. ssl
305 tunneling. See man pages.
307 - a user can delete his mail from the spool with -Mrm if received
308 locally, and if you configure with --enable-ident and set
309 ident_trusted_nets also if received via smtp.
311 - a backslash now works to escape characters in the configuration, so
312 you can now use quotes inside quotes. All other characters with a
313 leading backslash will be converted to itself (\a becomes a, \\
314 becomes \).
316 - you can now use an mda for local mails. The mda will be called
317 *after* alias expansion. See documentation for more.
319 0.1.0
320 - masqmail can now retrieve mail with pop3. See the manual on how to do that.
321 - supports now ESMTP AUTH as a client.
322 - when called with -qo (without a connection name), the online status
323 will be checked with the configured method.
325 0.0.10
326 - there is now alias support. Give the location of the alias file (usually /etc/aliases) with eg.
327 alias_file = "/etc/aliases"
328 - delivery to pipes is now possible, but only if it appears in an alias file. Example:
329 pipe: |/usr/bin/command
330 will expand the address pipe to "|/usr/bin/command" which invokes '/usr/bin/command'
331 as the user and group masqmail is running as.
332 - entries starting with '\' in alias files will not be exanded further
334 - changed permissions for queue runs again: got to be root, mail or in group trusted.
336 - some configuration parameters can be read from files, these are
337 allowed_mail_locals, not_allowed_mail_locals, allowed_rcpt_domains, not_allowed_rcpt_domains,
338 map_return_path_addresses, map_h_from_addresses, map_h_reply_to_addresses
339 any entry in these list beginning with a '/' are regarded as
340 filenames, the content of these will be put at that location. Entries
341 in these files are separated by new lines. Example:
342 in the route file you have:
343 map_h_from_addresses = "/etc/masqmail/"
344 and contains:
346 john: John Smith <>
347 cmiller: "Charlie Miller" <>
349 UPDATE (Jan 2000): The new home location of MasqMail is
350, the new email adress of the
351 author is Oliver Kurth <>.
353 0.0.9
354 - see ChangeLog.
356 NOTE: The home location of MasqMail at
357 is uncertain from the
358 beginning of Nov. 1999! See for new
359 announcements. I leave the university and begin a new job on Nov. 1st 1999
360 in Berlin :-).
362 0.0.8:
363 - there is now a FAQ page. See docs/faq.html.
364 - added allowed_rcpt_domains option for routes.
365 - added allowed_mail_locals and not_allowed_mail_locals options for routes.
366 - mailq now gives information about the time mails spent in the queue,
367 the message size and the received host.
369 0.0.7:
370 -bug fix release: for statements in two adjacent lines, the second was not recognized.
372 0.0.6:
373 - bug fix release: some MUAs (cucipop) saw the locally delivered mails
374 concatenated. (cucipop is not a MUA but a pop server, but it has to read the
375 mails).
377 0.0.5:
378 - fixed a bug that caused the headers to be lost under some circumstances.
379 - added expand_h_sender_domain option for routes.
380 - rewrote the libresolv part in configure. Should work better now.
382 0.0.4:
383 - MM should now recognize whether libresolv should be linked.
384 - added --with-logdir=LOGDIR and --with-spooldir=SPOOLDIR to set directories.
385 These will be created if not already existent.
386 - added --with-user=USER, --with-group=GROUP options to set user and group id
387 for MasqMail.
389 0.0.3:
390 - MasqMail can now deliver mails that are received at online
391 time immediately to the internet. See the options detect_online,
392 mserver_iface and online_file.
393 - You can define a route configuration for the local net. See option
394 local_net_route.