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1 Masqmail README
2 ===============
4 Masqmail is a mail server designed for hosts that are not permanently
5 connected to the internet. It handles outgoing messages, i.e. those
6 that are to be sent over the non-permanent link (usually a ppp or slip
7 connection over a modem or ISDN adapter) specially and delivers them
8 only when explicitely told to do so. There is support for multiple
9 providers, it is possible to write different configurations for each
10 one. The configuration chosen is selected at delivery time, so that if
11 for example a delivery of a message failed while connected with
12 provider 1, it may be delivered when connected to provider 2. For each
13 provider another mail host (or none) can be specified.
15 Masqmail provides (a yet simple) mechanism to rewrite headers, also
16 depending on the current connection. This makes it possible to deliver
17 messages with a return address on the local network which will be
18 rewitten at delivery time. The purpose of this is:
20 - to allow delivery failure messages that are produced on the local
21 network to be delivered immediately, while those that are produced
22 outside can be delivered to a mailbox on the internet, to be retrieved
23 later.
25 - to give mail servers a return address which they can accept if they
26 check for spam mail. Many mail servers require a return address which
27 has the same domain as the server it is getting the message from. If
28 you normally connect to only one provider, this is usually not a
29 problem as you can configure your mailer to a fixed address (but then
30 there is still the problem with the failure messages...), but it is a
31 problem if you use different ones from time to time.
33 Masqmail shall once be a complete replacement for sendmail (or other
34 MTAs such as exim, qmail or smail) on a local network, but it is NOT
35 supposed to be installed in a network with a permanent internet
36 connection (at least if it is not behind a secure firewall) because
37 it has no ability to check for undesired relaying or spam filtering.
40 Masqmail's website is:
44 The email address of it's mailing list is:
46 <>
48 To subscribe yourself to the list, send a mail with the subject
49 ``subscribe masqmail'' to <>. The mailing list
50 archive is accessible at: . If you
51 have any problems, contact me: markus schnalke <>.
55 ------------
57 For installation instructions, see INSTALL.
61 ----
63 There are probably a lot of bugs in masqmail. Please report any one you
64 discover to me. The more bug reports I get, the better masqmail will
65 get.
67 See docs/howto-report-bugs for detailed instructions.
71 -------
73 I would like to thank everyone who has submitted suggestions and bug
74 reports. Special thanks to:
76 Gregor Hoffleit for beta testing and his suggestions for delivering
77 mail immediately when online. And for supplying a patch which made
78 masqmail work with mutt. And again for making the Debian package. And
79 more patches.
81 Dale Perkel for patiently trying to make MM compile and run with libc5
82 and various bug reports.
84 Andre Masloch for finding most bugs.
86 Edouard G. Parmelan for many patches and bug reports.
88 Iain Lea for the Redhat spec file.
90 Juergen Daubert for excellent bug reports including patches and various
91 feedback.
93 ... and many others.
94 See ChangeLog, the code repository log, and the mailing list for more.
95 Feel free to tell me if you think you are missing on this list.
99 This file was originally written by by Oliver Kurth <>.
100 Later updated and extended by markus schnalke <>.