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Fixed an important bug with folded headers! g_strconcat() returns a *copy* of the string, but hdr->value still pointed to the old header (which probably was a memory leak, too). If the folded part had been quite small it was likely that the new string was at the same position as the old one, thus making everything go well. But if pretty long headers were folded several times it was likely that the new string was allocated somewhere else in memory, thus breaking things. In result mails to lots of recipients (folded header) were frequently only sent to the ones in the first line. Sorry for the inconvenience.
date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 09:52:17 +0200
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meillo@48 1 This ChangeLog file summarizes the (implementation) changes from the
meillo@48 2 technical view.
meillo@41 3
meillo@41 4 The code repository log file provides the changes in full detail.
meillo@41 5
meillo@41 6 Have a look at the NEWS file for a summary of the changes in a less
meillo@41 7 technical speach and with focus on compatibility.
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meillo@41 9
meillo@176 10 0.2.28 Fri, 23 Jul 2010 09:58:56 +0200
meillo@176 11 * added STARTTLS support with external wrappers like openssl.
meillo@176 12 Added a new route config option `instant_helo' therefore.
meillo@176 13 * added misc/list-versions
meillo@176 14
meillo@167 15 0.2.27 Sun, 18 Jul 2010 22:40:04 +0200
meillo@167 16 * replaced the MD5 implementation with the one of Solar
meillo@167 17 Designer
meillo@167 18 * replaced hmac_md5.c with an own implementation of RFC 2104
meillo@167 19 * added authors of contributed parts to AUTHORS
meillo@167 20
meillo@160 21 0.2.26 Sun, 18 Jul 2010 10:28:43 +0200
meillo@160 22 * write a log message when the daemon starts up. Thanks to
meillo@160 23 Juergen Daubert.
meillo@160 24 * added a missing #include <sys/stat.h> to local.c. Thanks to
meillo@160 25 Dominik Lang (phil).
meillo@160 26 * improved documentation of `wrapper' in route files
meillo@160 27 * fix handling of --with-liblockfile=no or
meillo@160 28 --without-liblockfile. Thanks to Nico Roeser.
meillo@160 29 * documentation improvements in the INSTALL file and some man
meillo@160 30 pages. Thanks to Nico Roeser.
meillo@160 31 * added misc/update-manpage-date, a development helper script
meillo@160 32 to update the date and version in man pages
meillo@160 33
meillo@149 34 0.2.25 Thu, 08 Jul 2010 00:49:36 +0200
meillo@126 35 * added server-side SMTP SIZE support. Thanks to Paolo.
meillo@126 36 * always remove Bcc: headers from now on
meillo@126 37 * never create headers from envelope recipients from now on
meillo@126 38 * add ``To: undisclosed-recipients:;'' if no recipient header
meillo@126 39 is present
meillo@143 40 * added checks for too long addresses in SMTP dialog. Thanks
meillo@143 41 to Paolo.
meillo@126 42 * allow colons (`:') unquoted in config file. Thanks to Paolo.
meillo@126 43 * new Thanks to Paolo.
meillo@126 44 * don't install the tests any longer
meillo@149 45 * remove all installed dirs but no generated data (logs,
meillo@149 46 spooled files, config)
meillo@126 47 * removed the ACC_NO_RECVD_HDR because it is never used
meillo@126 48 * changed name ACC_NODOT_TERM to ACC_DOT_IGNORE for better
meillo@126 49 understanding
meillo@143 50 * fixed max_size_delete
meillo@143 51 * added Paolo's mailq.wmbiffrc
meillo@126 52 * better debugging output. Thanks to Paolo.
meillo@143 53 * documented some, yet undocumented, config options
meillo@126 54 * improved documentation of -t option
meillo@149 55 * moved rmail to sbin and added man page for rmail(8)
meillo@126 56 * several typo fixes in man pages and code comments
meillo@143 57 * gen-dist: don't distribute mercurial files
meillo@126 58
meillo@94 59 0.2.24 Mon, 21 Jun 2010 10:07:32 +0200
meillo@77 60 * removed dead code in child.c
meillo@77 61 * fixed closing of log files on receival of SIGHUP. See commit
meillo@77 62 message and .
meillo@77 63 * the daemon does reparent to init anymore if init is already
meillo@77 64 its parent. This situation appears on SIGHUP receival.
meillo@77 65 * fixed correct processing of mails with data lines longer
meillo@77 66 4096 chars. See commit message for details.
meillo@94 67 * various refactoring
meillo@94 68 * fixed is_ingroup() to check for the primary group of users
meillo@94 69 * moved man page of mservdetect to section 1
meillo@94 70 * added rmail script from postfix which is a bit better than
meillo@94 71 calling masqmail as rmail. See docs/uucp-setup
meillo@94 72 * permissions.c describes how to make another group (e.g.
meillo@94 73 `uucp') trusted
meillo@94 74 * uninstall target removes now docs and thelike
meillo@94 75 * minor updates in the documentation
meillo@77 76
meillo@69 77 0.2.23 Sun, 30 May 2010 21:00:44 +0200
meillo@53 78 * fixed inverted condition for undefined online_file. Thanks to
meillo@53 79 Juergen Daubert.
meillo@69 80 * masqmail installs to /usr/local by default now. Previously it
meillo@69 81 installed to /usr.
meillo@69 82 * man pages get installed again. Again thanks to Juergen Daubert.
meillo@69 83 Docs and examples do get installed now too.
meillo@69 84 * updated the docs. Moved the man pages from docs/ to man/.
meillo@69 85 Added the old manual from the old website to the distribution.
meillo@69 86 * reworked the test cases completely.
meillo@69 87 * updated the README file and added a bug report howto
meillo@53 88 * fixed dist-gen (wrong paths for md5sum)
meillo@53 89
meillo@48 90 0.2.22 Thu, 20 May 2010 21:19:56 +0200
meillo@41 91 * new maintainer: markus schnalke <>. See NEWS.
meillo@41 92 * fixed expanding of $prefix for template files. Thanks to Johann
meillo@41 93 Felix Soden.
meillo@41 94 * fixed delivery with empty or non-existent alias files.
meillo@41 95 Thanks to Marcos Dione.
meillo@41 96 * fixed empty or only-whitespace connection names.
meillo@41 97 * fixed typos, reported by Reuben Thomas.
meillo@41 98 * corrected man page about /etc/aliases. Thanks to Alexis.
meillo@41 99 * further corrections and improvements in man pages. Man pages will
meillo@41 100 be maintained in the nroff code directly in future.
meillo@41 101 * removed distribution specific data from repo. It is now separately
meillo@41 102 available on the website.
meillo@41 103 * changed default online status file to /var/run/masqmail/masqmail-route
meillo@41 104 * removed trigraph warnings
meillo@41 105
meillo@30 106 0.2.21 Mon, 07 Nov 2005 14:09:21 -0800
meillo@30 107 * do not use shell when executing sub programs (security fix)
meillo@30 108 * do not accept backtick in email adresses (security fix)
meillo@30 109 * write log files as 'mail' user (security fix)
meillo@41 110 * use /var/run/masqmail/ for pid files
meillo@0 111 0.2.20 Mon, 19 May 2003 21:14:06 +0200
meillo@0 112 * fixed a segfaulting bug in spool.c caused by folded headers
meillo@0 113 * regard connect_error_fail when failing for pipes (Debian Bug #186364)
meillo@0 114 * hopefully fixed uid/gid problem in peidopen.c
meillo@0 115 0.2.19 Wed, 12 Mar 2003 21:33:53 +0100
meillo@0 116 * fixed a bug in addr_string (set buffer = NULL if g_free'd buffer)
meillo@0 117 0.2.18 Fri, 06 Dec 2002 14:57:41 +0100
meillo@0 118 * new option connect_error_fail
meillo@0 119 * install /var/{log,spool} before subdirs, so
meillo@0 120 they get correct ownerships, if installing to a tmp. directory
meillo@0 121 Thx to Juergen Daubert.
meillo@0 122 * failure notices and warnings also if connection fails
meillo@0 123 0.2.17 Thu, 28 Nov 2002 14:59:24 +0100
meillo@0 124 * fixed errors in man page masqmail.conf.5 about online_detect
meillo@0 125 Thx to Juergen Daubert.
meillo@0 126 * fixed a segfaulting bug in accept.c on pop retrieval, if there
meillo@0 127 is no return_path in the mail and Sender: is empty.
meillo@0 128 Thx to Olaf Buddenhagen for debug information.
meillo@0 129 * implemented 'last_route' option
meillo@0 130 * moved *.tpl to /usr/share/masqmail/tpl (from /etc/masqmail/tpl)
meillo@0 131 * french translation of warnmsg.tpl by Rémi Denis-Courmont
meillo@0 132 * added delivery warn messages for deferals
meillo@0 133 new options: 'warn_intervals', 'warnmsg_file', 'max_defer_time'
meillo@0 134 * warn/fail also if remote SMTP server replies with 4xx or 5xx
meillo@0 135 just after EHLO/HELO (yes, that was a bug)
meillo@0 136 * removed a few -Wall warnings. Thanks to Juergen Daubert.
meillo@0 137 0.2.16 Tue, 12 Nov 2002 17:27:13 +0100
meillo@0 138 * fixed debugging, which has been broken in 0.2.15
meillo@0 139 0.2.15 Wed, 06 Nov 2002 12:19:55 +0100
meillo@0 140 * added french translation of delivery failure message template.
meillo@0 141 Thanks to Rémi Denis-Courmont
meillo@0 142 * accept -f "" without segfaulting. Thanks to Ralf Friedl.
meillo@0 143 * fixed buffer overflows in conf.c. Thanks to Damian M Gryski.
meillo@0 144 * read conf file _after_ dropping privileges
meillo@0 145 0.2.14 Sat, 26 Oct 2002 14:40:49 +0200
meillo@0 146 * corrected html version of documentation
meillo@0 147 * include masqmail.8 man page (was garbled in 0.2.13)
meillo@0 148 * small lintian fixes for Debian
meillo@0 149 0.2.13 Wed, 23 Oct 2002 20:54:39 +0200
meillo@0 150 * fixed a possible buffer overflow (IMHO not exploitable) Thanks to Anonymous.
meillo@0 151 0.2.12 Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:57:42 +0200
meillo@0 152 * new do_pipelining option (to switch it off if necessary)
meillo@0 153 * new helo_name option for route
meillo@0 154 * fixed remote_port option (but marked it as deprecated)
meillo@0 155 * swapped setegid/seteuid in maildir_out()
meillo@0 156 * try again on EAGAIN failure for local delivery via mbox
meillo@0 157 0.2.11:
meillo@0 158 * make it possible for *.route file to have mode 600, owned by root.
meillo@0 159 Thx to Juergen Daubert for noticing.
meillo@0 160 * do not choke on trailing blanks after comments in conf file. Anonymous
meillo@0 161 again.
meillo@0 162 * try again on EAGAIN failure for local delivery via mda
meillo@0 163 * fixed a potential buffer overflow in conf.c. Thanks to Anonymous
meillo@0 164 again.
meillo@0 165 * set umask 066 for log files. Thanks to Anonymous.
meillo@0 166 * implemented map_h_mail_followup_to_addresses
meillo@0 167 * fixed a bug: masqmail -t with empty body caused weird
meillo@0 168 errors. Thanks to Anonymous.
meillo@0 169 * added do_save_envelope_to option
meillo@0 170 0.2.10:
meillo@0 171 * fixed a small bug in mserver.c (atoi) (Thanks to Gert Ohme)
meillo@0 172 * allow ';' in rval also if rval is unqoted
meillo@0 173 * write pidfiles to /var/run/masqmail{,-get}.pid
meillo@0 174 * now runs on freebsd without leaving zombies
meillo@0 175 * use setjmp() in readsock.c for timeouts
meillo@0 176 0.2.9:
meillo@0 177 * attempts to make it compile on freebsd
meillo@0 178 - works, but leaves zombies behind (will be done next release, I hope)
meillo@0 179 * removed some bashisms from
meillo@0 180 * fixed segfault when called with -t under some circumstances
meillo@0 181 * some fixes about locking when fetching mail (yes, 0 _is_ a valid fd...)
meillo@0 182 * some speedups for uidl handling, and do not bloat log files any more
meillo@0 183 0.2.8:
meillo@0 184 * use flock() for locking in retrieving mails (get.c)
meillo@0 185 * can use /etc/mailname as host_name (for Debian)
meillo@0 186 * added ESMTP LOGIN
meillo@0 187 * made uidl handling even more safe
meillo@0 188 0.2.7:
meillo@0 189 * fixed stupid locking bug
meillo@0 190 * do not complain about 'unknown mode' when getting mail
meillo@0 191 * added italian version of failmsg.tpl (by Paolo)
meillo@0 192 * changed MIME boundaries in failmsg.tpl (Paolo)
meillo@0 193 * applied patches from Paolo (Gabel - ):
meillo@0 194 mostly replacing g_strdup_printf() with g_strdup(), a few ticks ('),
meillo@0 195 changed SENDER_LOCAL environment variable and fixed missing '\' in
meillo@0 196 debian/masqmail.ip-up
meillo@0 197 0.2.6:
meillo@0 198 * rediscovered previously undocumented allowed_return_paths option for
meillo@0 199 routes and made it usable for null sender addresses.
meillo@0 200 * added mbox_default, and {mbox,mda,maildir}_users options
meillo@0 201 * changes to vsnprintf function use in pop3_in.c and smtp_in.c (by egp)
meillo@0 202 * fixes to ip-up/ip-down scripts (by Ben Low)
meillo@0 203 * ENABLE_SMTP_SERVER define was incorrectly written as
meillo@0 204 ENABLE_MODE_SMTP (by Ben Low)
meillo@0 205 * fixed bug in get_header() in src/header.c (by egp)
meillo@0 206 0.2.5:
meillo@0 207 * PowerPC fix for varargs functions
meillo@0 208 * relay checking: if do_relay is set to false, do not allow non local
meillo@0 209 to non local addresses
meillo@0 210 * alias is always caseless for postmaster (disregarding
meillo@0 211 alias_local_caseless option)
meillo@0 212 * do not rebounce to postmaster
meillo@0 213 * implemented Maildir support
meillo@0 214 * rearranged append_file in local.c
meillo@0 215 * use sysexits.h for correct error reply for failure messages (mda only)
meillo@0 216 0.2.4:
meillo@0 217 * fixed uidl bug: uidl list was not written if a mail was not
meillo@0 218 fetched because it was in the list
meillo@0 219 * fixed bug in src/conf.c: g_free'd twice in destroy_route()
meillo@0 220 * security fix, Debian Bug#102092: 'Privilege escalation in masqmail
meillo@0 221 piped alias handling': fixed by using set[ug]id instead of sete[ug]id
meillo@0 222 in peopen.c (noted by Colin Phipps)
meillo@0 223 * limit count of children in pop3_in.c and wait for them
meillo@0 224 * ignore SIGPIPE signal
meillo@0 225 * docu updates by Uli Funcke
meillo@0 226 * find path to masqmail via --prefix or --exec-prefix option for configure
meillo@0 227 * implemented -v (log to stdout) option
meillo@0 228 0.2.3:
meillo@0 229 * local_addresses and not_local_addreses option (patch by Uli Funcke)
meillo@0 230 * replaced /usr/sbin/masqmail in fail_msg.c with /usr/sbin/sendmail
meillo@0 231 * typo in man pages (noted by Sebastian Inacker)
meillo@0 232 * hostnames can now begin with a digit (noted by CatcherInTheRye)
meillo@0 233 * chdir to '/' (on some systems getcwd() failes when changing uid)
meillo@0 234 * implemented lock_dir option
meillo@0 235 * ignore EINVAL after fdatasync
meillo@0 236 * configure option to link with libcrypto
meillo@0 237 * configure option to disable resolver support
meillo@0 238 * configure option to enable mserver support
meillo@0 239 * configure option to disable smtp server
meillo@0 240 * configure option to link glib statically
meillo@0 241 * msg_count option for get configuration
meillo@0 242 * bug fix: do not terminate if accept() return
meillo@0 243 error (patch by Edouard G. Parmelan)
meillo@0 244 * removed some files from package in
meillo@0 245 debian (by Edouard G. Parmelan))
meillo@0 246 * mailrm alias (by Edouard G. Parmelan)
meillo@0 247 * bug fix: removed superfluous g_free from
meillo@0 248 dot_unlock() (by Edouard G. Parmelan)
meillo@0 249 * write uidl list to temporary file first
meillo@0 250 * write uidl list each time a message was retrieved
meillo@0 251 (avoid duplicate mails when interupted)
meillo@0 252 0.2.2:
meillo@0 253 * fix of Debian Bug#92894 by Gregor Hoffleit
meillo@0 254 (correct error reply for lacking permissions)
meillo@0 255 * fixed 'last line missing' bug
meillo@0 256 * fixed spool locking bug: lock was deleted
meillo@0 257 if unsuccessful (unlocking it)
meillo@0 258 * added patch from Uli Funcke for log_user
meillo@0 259 (user getting all delivered mail)
meillo@0 260 * implemented get daemon
meillo@0 261 * create lock file when getting mail
meillo@0 262 * use tables for finding route and get lists
meillo@0 263 0.2.1:
meillo@0 264 * expand_h_sender_address now defaults to true (as described in docs)
meillo@0 265 * included documentation patch by Marc Herbert (masqmail call in ifup configuration)
meillo@0 266 * complain to log if failure message template cannot be opened
meillo@0 267 * errmsg_file defaults to /etc/masqmail/tpl/failmsg.tpl
meillo@0 268 * corrected error message for insufficient permissions (Debian Bug #92894)
meillo@0 269 * get mail depending on connection: -go option and online_get
meillo@0 270 0.2.0:
meillo@0 271 * included the debian/ directory from the debian package.
meillo@0 272 * added return_path option for get configuration
meillo@0 273 * added max_messages option for get configuration
meillo@0 274 * added independent program 'mservdetect', which can be used with
meillo@0 275 online_detect=pipe as replacement for online_detect=mserver
meillo@0 276 * added online detection method 'pipe'
meillo@0 277 * replaced configure option --with-conffile with --with-confdir, default
meillo@0 278 is now /etc/masqmail/ (/etc/masqmail/masqmail.conf for the conf file).
meillo@0 279 * added do_uidl_dele option (delete messages in uid listing on server)
meillo@0 280 * qualify address for get configuration.
meillo@0 281 * better checking for valid From: address when retrieving mail via pop3
meillo@0 282 and this is used as the return path.
meillo@0 283 * port number for mail_host in routes possible
meillo@0 284 * introduce delivery failue notices
meillo@0 285 * added addr_string() function for easy output of addresses
meillo@0 286 * expire spool lock files after a while (currently 300s)
meillo@0 287 * started development branch 0.2.x
meillo@0 288
meillo@0 289 0.1.12:
meillo@0 290 * previous fix auf AUTH broke it - reverted it partially and fixed it again
meillo@0 291 * bug fix in get.c: retrieval via pop from different server could cause mail to be lost
meillo@0 292 0.1.11:
meillo@0 293 * bug fix in smtp_out.c: of AUTH methods supplied by server, only the first was recognized
meillo@0 294 0.1.10:
meillo@0 295 * added support for IP address as mail_host in routes
meillo@0 296 * include <time.h> in masqmail.h to make it compile with glibc 2.2.2
meillo@0 297 0.1.9:
meillo@0 298 * fixed a few typos in man pages
meillo@0 299 * ignore -v option
meillo@0 300 * added patch from Bernhard Ehlers to program aliases runq, rmail, smtpd and in.smtpd
meillo@0 301 * added patch from Edouard G. Parmelan to correct default directories to install
meillo@0 302 * implemtented pipe, pipe_fromhack and pipe_fromline options
meillo@0 303 for routes (for protocol 'pipe')
meillo@0 304 * implememted 'pipe' protocol for routes
meillo@0 305 * memset to 0 of configuration structures (it is safer and easier)
meillo@0 306 * list of routes for each connection
meillo@0 307 * do not be picky about EOF if locally received message is not terminated by a dot
meillo@0 308 * speeded up accept.c for large messages (noted by Falko Flessner)
meillo@0 309 0.1.8:
meillo@0 310 * security bug fix (Debian Bug#81079): if local address cannot be
meillo@0 311 resolved, masqmail listened on an arbitrary port (fixed by Adel
meillo@0 312 Belhouane)
meillo@0 313 * bug fix: -d without argument caused segfault (Thanks to Jan Setzer)
meillo@0 314 * added more help for configure
meillo@0 315 * Iain Lea sent a spec file for Redhat. Thanks!
meillo@0 316 * lines can now be indefinetely long for mail acception (well, nearly...)
meillo@0 317 * implemented 'wrapper' options for routes and get configurations for ssl and maybe other purposes
meillo@0 318 * unified read_sockline() for smtp_out.c, smtp_in.c, pop3_in.c, accept.c and mserver.c
meillo@0 319 * escaping of quotes in configuration now possible and now works
meillo@0 320 correctly in alias file (Edouard G. Parmelan sent a patch, but I fixed it differently)
meillo@0 321 * kill -HUP seems to work now.
meillo@0 322 * close all file descriptors >= 3 on start (patch by Edouard G. Parmelan)
meillo@0 323 * replaced exit() with _exit where appropriate (children)
meillo@0 324 * added pipe_fromhack and pipe_fromline options
meillo@0 325 * added mda support and mda_fromhack and mda_fromline options
meillo@0 326 * user can delete his own mail if received via smtp from one of ident_trusted_nets
meillo@0 327 * bug fix in lookup.c: if the name that an MX points could not be resolved, delete entry
meillo@0 328 * added expand_h_sender_address option. expend_h_sender_domain should be obsolete now.
meillo@0 329 * unprivileged user can delete his own mail from queue if received locally
meillo@0 330 * replaced popen() in local.c with peopen() from snippet from sourceforge. Fixed a bug there.
meillo@0 331 0.1.7:
meillo@0 332 * debug option can be changed for privileged users only
meillo@0 333 * fixed a security hole: -C option for unprivileged users now implies
meillo@0 334 run_as_user and drops _all_ privileges
meillo@0 335 * environment variables for pipe transport
meillo@0 336 * wildcards for map_* options
meillo@0 337 * rearranged interface handling, IP addresses now possible for
meillo@0 338 listen_addresses and mserver_iface
meillo@0 339 * beautified masqmail.c
meillo@0 340 * revised uid and gid settings in spool.c and local.c (pipe transport)
meillo@0 341 * optionally use ident protocol (RFC 1413) and store user id in spool file
meillo@0 342 * proper spool file locking
meillo@0 343 0.1.6:
meillo@0 344 * record user id in spool file (though it is not used anywhere)
meillo@0 345 * command line option to remove messages from queue (-Mrm)
meillo@0 346 * command line option for version information (-bV)
meillo@0 347 0.1.5:
meillo@0 348 * implemented -F option
meillo@0 349 * removed bug in accept.c (dot bug, noted by Andre Masloch)
meillo@0 350 * location of main conf is now configurable with ./configure
meillo@0 351 (suggested by Greger Hoffleit). Default is /etc/masqmail.conf.
meillo@0 352 * remote_port defaults to 25 (noted by Andre Masloch)
meillo@0 353 * docu fixes: remote_port documented and typo fix (noted by Andre Masloch. Again :-))
meillo@0 354 * do not return failure on exit on delivery if mail queue was empty (noted by Andre Masloch)
meillo@0 355 * qualify -f address with host_name if unqualified (noted by Andre Masloch)
meillo@0 356 0.1.4:
meillo@0 357 * Jens Askengren discovered a segfaulting bug when parsing headers.
meillo@0 358 0.1.3:
meillo@0 359 * warn if pop/auth options are given, but compiled without support
meillo@0 360 * fixed allowed_rcpt_domains option (was broken since 0.1.0, but nobody noticed)
meillo@0 361 * exit with 1 if queue run fails for any reason (not for daemon)
meillo@0 362 * fail if alias file cannot be read
meillo@0 363 * better handling of SMTP SIZE error
meillo@0 364 * implemented alias_local_caseless option (suggestion by Andre Masloch)
meillo@0 365 * case insensitive domain matching (noted by Andre Masloch)
meillo@0 366 * removed nearly all warnings if compiled with -Wall
meillo@0 367 0.1.2:
meillo@0 368 * some changes in
meillo@0 369 * continue if get conf could not be read. Thanks to Edouard G. Parmelan!
meillo@0 370 * fixed another bug on pipe addresses in spool.c
meillo@0 371 * Andre Masloch found a bug in spool.c which caused a segfault on pipe addresses. Thanks!
meillo@0 372 0.1.1:
meillo@0 373 * Edouard G. Parmelan sent a patch for starting a queue run on start of daemon. Thanks!
meillo@0 374 * rpm packages for SuSE
meillo@0 375 * regard CFLAGS in
meillo@0 376 * implemtented -g <name> option
meillo@0 377 * be more verbose in pop3_get.c
meillo@0 378 * implemented -f option (set return path)
meillo@0 379 * fixed bug: "no debug file, msg was:" in smtp_out.c when debugging was off
meillo@0 380 * internal changes of smtp_out_log_failure()
meillo@0 381 * removed 'no log file' error
meillo@0 382 * complain if host name could not be resolved in connect.c
meillo@0 383 * added option resolve_list for route and get configurations
meillo@0 384 * removed bug in rcptlist_with_one_of_hostlist(): exited when
meillo@0 385 list was empty
meillo@0 386 0.1.0:
meillo@0 387 * included ESMTP AUTH support (as client), CRAM-MD5 only
meillo@0 388 * included pop3 client support, with UIDL and APOP, single drop only
meillo@0 389 * rearranged routing code:
meillo@0 390 - messages will be deleted from spool earlier, as soon as they are delivered
meillo@0 391 - unified online/offline delivery, making it more simple
meillo@0 392
meillo@0 393 0.0.13:
meillo@0 394 * ignore set_h_{from,reply_to}_domain if map_h_{from,reply_to}_addresses
meillo@0 395 is set and warn in logs about misconfiguration.
meillo@0 396 * fail if there are no recipients
meillo@0 397 * fixed bug: if called with -t, qualify recipient address with host_name
meillo@0 398 * fixed bug: if called with -bi, no longer wait for message on stdin
meillo@0 399 0.0.12:
meillo@0 400 * warn if spool file could not be deleted (Thanks to Alberto González
meillo@0 401 Palomo)
meillo@0 402 * fixed bug: set len for getsockname
meillo@0 403 * fixed bug: set local_net_routes to NULL if there is no local net
meillo@0 404 (noted by Frank Schnekenbuehl)
meillo@0 405 * say 'mail queue is empty' if mail queue is empty (Thanks to
meillo@0 406 Frank Schnekenbuehl)
meillo@0 407 * fixed bug: setegid in local.c (was noted by both Michael Piefel and
meillo@0 408 Alberto González Palomo)
meillo@0 409 0.0.11:
meillo@0 410 * if Bcc: headers have been removed (-t option), and there is no To:
meillo@0 411 or Cc: header,an empty Bcc: header will be created (RFC 822
meillo@0 412 compliance!)
meillo@0 413 * fixed bug: if rcpts are given on command line To: headers were
meillo@0 414 created, even if they already existed. This caused Bcc: recipient
meillo@0 415 addresses to be revealed if they were given on the cmd line.
meillo@0 416 Now a To: header is only created if there is no To:, Cc: or Bcc:
meillo@0 417 header. Thanks to Richard Clamp for pointing this out.
meillo@0 418 * fixed bug: segfault when -d option was given without arguments
meillo@0 419 * fixed bug: segfault when configuration file not found
meillo@0 420 0.0.10:
meillo@0 421 * removed -g option from Makefile
meillo@0 422 * fixed bug: -odq did not work, was broken in some earlier version
meillo@0 423 * addresses with leading '\' will not be expanded any further in aliases
meillo@0 424 * pipe transport implemented
meillo@0 425 * alias support implemented.
meillo@0 426 * changed permissions for queue runs again: got to be root,
meillo@0 427 mail or in group trusted.
meillo@0 428 * some configuration parameters can be read from files
meillo@0 429 * internal changes in routing logics/deliver code, preparing for
meillo@0 430 aliases support.
meillo@0 431 * Gregor Hoffleit sent another patch: use liblockfile if available
meillo@0 432 (Debian!) and DESTDIR will be used. Also updated the NEWS file. Thanks
meillo@0 433 again!
meillo@0 434 * define fdatasync to fsync if not available.
meillo@0 435 * lookup.c includes sys/types.h, some environments need this
meillo@0 436 * fixed bug in RFC 822 parsing: name in brackets after address
meillo@0 437 caused problems. Thanks to David Maslen.
meillo@0 438 * values in tables without leading spaces
meillo@0 439 0.0.9:
meillo@0 440 * anyone in group 'trusted' is now allowed to do queue runs. Thanks to
meillo@0 441 Alberto Gonzalez Palomo for the suggestion.
meillo@0 442 * changed umask for spool writing to 026.
meillo@0 443 * removed silly 'no rcpt domain for this route' message
meillo@0 444 * there is now a mailing list
meillo@0 445 (see
meillo@0 446 * Gregor Hoffleit sent a patch to make masqmail work with mutt (and
meillo@0 447 balsa and any other MUA that uses the mutt libs): it now supports
meillo@0 448 '--' in options. Thanks!
meillo@0 449 * accept_message() supports flag ACC_NO_RECVD_HDR (but this is not
meillo@0 450 used in masqmail).
meillo@0 451 * accept_message() is no longer responsible for queuing, makes it
meillo@0 452 easier to recycle the code for other projects (eg. jpilot-Mail)
meillo@0 453 0.0.8:
meillo@0 454 * added a FAQ page.
meillo@0 455 * removed all warnings, at least for egcs. Output of make looks
meillo@0 456 pretty now ;-)
meillo@0 457 * added allowed_mail_locals and not_allowed_mail_locals options for
meillo@0 458 routes.
meillo@0 459 * implemented folding und unfolding of headers (but currently used
meillo@0 460 for the Received: header only).
meillo@0 461 * corrected docs: should be 'online_detect', NOT 'detect_online'.
meillo@0 462 * mailq now gives information about the time mails spent in the queue,
meillo@0 463 the message size and the received host.
meillo@0 464 * added allowed_rcpt_domains option for routes.
meillo@0 465 * increased buffer size to 1024 for SMTP responses when delivering.
meillo@0 466 * fixed minor bug: slash in unquoted strings in conf parsing was not
meillo@0 467 allowed.
meillo@0 468 0.0.7:
meillo@0 469 * fixed a bug in smtp_out.c: sock was tested before it was initialized.
meillo@0 470 * fixed a bug in the configuration code: for statements in two
meillo@0 471 adjacent lines, the second was not recognized.
meillo@0 472 0.0.6:
meillo@0 473 * rewrote part of the configuration parsing code because it caused
meillo@0 474 problems with reading config statements on multiple lines.
meillo@0 475 * added a LF after each mail local mail spool file, as this
meillo@0 476 seems to be required for some MUAs and especially cucipop when
meillo@0 477 it reads mails. Otherwise mails seem to be concatenated. Thanks
meillo@0 478 to Dale Perkel for pointing this out.
meillo@0 479 0.0.5:
meillo@0 480 * added expand_h_sender_domain option (boolean, default: true)
meillo@0 481 because some clients use the Sender: address as the sender address
meillo@0 482 (though it should be the From: address).
meillo@0 483 * changed configure script to better recognize whether libresolv
meillo@0 484 should be linked or not.
meillo@0 485 * fixed a nasty bug: if masqmail -q was called (or qo <name>
meillo@0 486 and a mail was not delivered), the headers were lost! Problem was an
meillo@0 487 additional LF after received_host in the spool file.
meillo@0 488 0.0.4:
meillo@0 489 * 'From' hack is now a 'From ' hack.
meillo@0 490 * configure now accepts options --with-logdir=LOGDIR and
meillo@0 491 --with-spooldir=SPOOLDIR.
meillo@0 492 * the directories /var/masqmail and /var/spool/masqmail will now be
meillo@0 493 created with make install; user and group will be set appropriately
meillo@0 494 * configure now accepts options --with-user=USER and --with-group=GROUP
meillo@0 495 * dove into autoconf: configure now recognizes libc5 and links with
meillo@0 496 libresolv only for libc6 and defines getline for libc5
meillo@0 497 * fixed timeout code when sending. This was broken in some earlier
meillo@0 498 version.
meillo@0 499 0.0.3:
meillo@0 500 * fixed bug in spool write code: rcpt address was written incorrectly
meillo@0 501 to spool file under some circumstances (with a LF).
meillo@0 502 * added methods for online detection (file and mserver) and added code
meillo@0 503 to deliver immediately when mail is received at online time.
meillo@0 504 * too many changes to list: rearranged routing code, unified smtp
meillo@0 505 deliveries to the local net with online deliveries, so now route
meillo@0 506 configurations can be used for the local net. Also multiple messages
meillo@0 507 per connection for the local net possible. And reduced code size.
meillo@0 508 * fixed bug: if server does not use neither the esmtp size extension
meillo@0 509 nor pipelining, output after MAIL FROM was not flushed. So MM waited
meillo@0 510 forever for a response...
meillo@0 511 0.0.2:
meillo@0 512 * fixed bug: euid was not set properly for local delivery
meillo@0 513 * when debugging, it does not write the whole message to the log
meillo@0 514 any more.
meillo@0 515 * added 'From' hack
meillo@0 516 * qualified address for return path and recipients is now required
meillo@0 517 if not accepted locally, if locally accepted the addresses will be
meillo@0 518 qualified with host_name. (Thereby fixed a seg fault bug)
meillo@0 519 * added -i option (same as -oi)
meillo@0 520 * added more header rewriting (set_ and map_ options)
meillo@0 521 * fixed bug: potential seg fault when writing spool files because it
meillo@0 522 was not read properly
meillo@0 523 * multiple messages per connection now also if mail is sent directly
meillo@0 524 (same for local_nets is still missing, but I will use routes for these
meillo@0 525 anyway in the future)
meillo@0 526 * the queue will now be read in random order
meillo@0 527 * implemented multiple messages per connection (but only online
meillo@0 528 and if mail_host is defined)
meillo@0 529 * implemented rewriting of local parts in return path for online
meillo@0 530 delivery
meillo@0 531 * domain matching is no longer case sensitive (had to define
meillo@0 532 _GNU_SOURCE so that I could use FNM_CASEFOLD for fnmatch)
meillo@0 533 * added do_correct_helo option for routes
meillo@0 534 * fixed bug: corrected retrying hosts if one failed (connect.c).
meillo@0 535 0.0.1:
meillo@0 536 * fixed bug: seg fault when delivering online directly and there was
meillo@0 537 more than one rcpt to a single host.
meillo@0 538 * fixed bug: if mail was succesfully delivered in online mode to all
meillo@0 539 rcpts, and if there were additional (local) rcpts for which the mail
meillo@0 540 was not yet delivered, the mail was deleted from spool.
meillo@0 541 * rearranged smtp_out.c to prepare for multiple messages per connection
meillo@0 542 * log now shows the real host a message is sent to by SMTP (previously
meillo@0 543 it was the one looked for, now it is the one that was found by DNS)
meillo@0 544 * added NOOP, HELP and not recognized replies in smtp_in
meillo@0 545 * fixed bug: forgot to close dup_sock in accept_connect (listen.c)
meillo@0 546 * can now list the queue with the -bp option or when called as mailq
meillo@0 547 * debug_level is now configurable and -d option added
meillo@0 548 * corrected rfc821 address parsing and rearranged code
meillo@0 549 0.0.0:
meillo@0 550 * initial release